First Ever Tri-Rail Lamp

    There is a KickStater project for a picatinny tri-railed lamp.

    I think the price of $229 is reasonable. I like the design and the ability to mod the lamp. A few LED flashlights mounted on the side pointing upwards would look really cool.

    What I do find a little disappointing is that the rails are not powered. If the rails had power and data lines, a DC powersupply could be added and devices attached to the rail could communicate with each other.

    Whilst not exactly burnt, I have had a less than perfect Kickstarter experienced and vowed that in the future I would not to pay for something that has not yet been made. If I am going to take a risk investing, I want to see profit for my risk).

    [ Many thanks to everyone who emailed us about this. ]

    Steve Johnson

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