Google Relents, Gun & Ammo Shopping Results Are Back

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

UPDATE: See bottom of post.

Many of you emailed Google, tweeted and “liked” (8,600 likes) the post I wrote about Google censoring shopping results for guns and ammo. It worked! Google appears to have relented and gun and ammo results are back in the Google Shopping index.

Screenshot taken today (7/6/12)

I am pleased that Google realized that a sport, hobby and way-of-life which tens of millions of children and adults actively participate is not “harmful” to include in the Google Shopping index. If people are searching for “5.56mm ammunition”, they want to see “5.56mm ammunition”, removing the ability to compare prices of 5.56mm ammunition is just silly.

I was beginning to wonder where it would end. Were they planning on banning knives, handcuffs, ninja stars, replica swords? What about banning shooting books in the Google Books index?

UPDATE: It was definitely working for me a few hours ago, but now when I search I am not getting the same results. A reader from Canada reported that it is working for him. If I search for “rifle scope” in Google Shopping I get no results, but if I search in the main Google engine I get some broken results.

Main search index.
Google Shopping Search

It is working for anyone else?

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • $5533888 $5533888 on Jul 13, 2012

    Nope. Still censored. :(

    Want to buy a cellphone holster on Google? Too bad, you'll get zero results. A non-fiction reference book on the history of firearms, too bad again zero.

    However if you want to buy fantasy rape, murder, or torture fiction you are in luck.

    Murder turns up 2,270,000 results. Rape and torture return thousands.

  • Marilyn Marilyn on Sep 04, 2012

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    Keep up the great writing.