Azerbaijan Khazri AK Rifles Not Dead Yet

    In a badly translated press release, the Azerbaijan’s Minister of Defense Industry says the country is not abandoning the Azerbaijan Khazri AK…

    “Azerbaijan doesn’t intend to abandon the usage of AK-74 automatic submachine gun and plans to produce “Kalashnikov” by the end of the year,” said Minister of Defense Industry Yaver Jamalov while commenting the reports refusal of Azerbaijan from Kalashnikov submachine guns in favor of “Tavor”.

    I wonder if Mother Russia was taken by surprise, and more than a little upset, by news that Azerbaijan was abandoning the AK, or more specifically, bankrupt AK-licenser Izhmash who they are busy bailing out.

    A reader noticed this photo, taken last month, showing Azerbaijan troops carrying some type of tacticool AK, possibly a prototype of Azerbaijan’s Khazri AK.

    [ Many thanks to Albi for emailing us the links. ]

    Steve Johnson

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