Interesting .300 AAC BLK/.357 Wildcat

    After I blogged about the upcoming H&R Handi Rifle chambered in .300 AAC BLK, a reader emailed me about an interesting wildcat …

    Some of us have been getting ready for the Handi in 300BLK for a while.

    Handi shooters tend to have a preference for rimmed cases. These are .357 mag brass run through a 300 BLK die. That leaves a neck about .1″ short, not a problem in a single shot rifle. The bullets are 147Gr FMJ pulled bullets from Midway (inverted). (nearly the cheapest they have.)

    Combine the 300BLK dies with .357mag brass doesn’t give you a 32-20 Winchester, but it sure gets close!!

    [ Many thanks to George for emailing us the photo and info. ]

    Steve Johnson

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