Teludyne StraightJacket Barrel System

    A company called Teludyne has invented a clever lightweight composite bull barrel system. The problem with bull (large profile) barrels is that they trade weight or accuracy. The Teludyne machine a thin metal tube that surrounds the barrel, then inject a propriety substance inside the tube. This increases the rigidity or the barrel, increasing accuray. The company claims that the system is very effective as dissipating barrel heat. The barrels are threaded and are supplied with a muzzle brake.

    The barrels are steel but the exterior tube can be steel, aluminum or titanium. The company is selling a complete upper AR-15 with their own patent-pending gas system, StraightJacket Titanium exterior and steel chrome-lined interior barrel with 1:9 twist for $1,850.

    They are selling a complete Ruger 10/22 with Stainless Steel StraightJacket for $699 and Mosins for $649.

    The company will install the system on your own AK or hunting bolt action rifles for $650 – $800.

    Steve Johnson

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