Real Strike Augmented Reality iPhone App

    The developers of the Real Strike, an “3D Augmented Reality FPS Gun App”, sent us an email asking to have their app reviewed. I was intrigued so I paid the $2.99 it cost and downloaded the app. The app displays video from the iPhone/iPod/iPad rear camera and superimposes video game style guns. It was pretty nifty, for about two minutes. I had expected an app with the words “3D”, “Augmented Reality” and “FPS” to actually allow me to interact with an augmented reality like, for example, shoot virtual targets.

    Because the application is nothing more than one of the many “3d gun” apps that are prevalent in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with the slight addition of a camera, I give it 1 star rating (out of 5 stars). If it was selling for $0.99 I would have given it 4 stars for being a nifty demo.

    Steve Johnson

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