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Walther PPQ NAVY

At DSA ’12 Walther was exhibiting their Walther PPQ NAVY 9mm pistol. The NAVY version is designed for use in situations where the pistol may become immersed and/or fired in water. A hole and guides in the striker channel, allowing water to be drained or pushed [Read More…]

Gun Review: Walther PPS

Walther firearms has always stood for quality in many ways. The design, function and fitting of parts are typical for quality German guns. Even though materials have changed over the years the quality is still there using modern design as well as modern materials. The [Read More…]

H&K G36 Useless at 200m When Hot

A German newspaper has revealed that a Bundeswehr report has said that once the H&K G36 rifle has heated up, the accuracy is significantly reduced to a point where it is useless beyond 200 meters (218 yards). These are pretty serious allegations! I expect H&K to [Read More…]

New Colt LE6920MP-R

The new Colt LE6920MP-R combines Magpul furniture with a Troy rail system. From the press release .. Like its predecessor, this rifle comes standard equipped with many of Magpul’s most popular firearm accessories. The added benefit of the LE6920MP-R is the addition of [Read More…]

Bul M-5 Ultra Custom 1911

The Bul M-5 Ultra Custom 1911 is very nice looking 9mm chambered compact 1911 from Israel. It has a 3″ barrel and uses an 8 round 9mm magazine. [ Many thanks to Yair for sharing photos of his new pistol with us. ]

Nerf Guns Back in 1941

Boys will always be boys. Before guns they made pretend swords out of sticks. Before swords they made clubs. The invention of the gun presented unique challenges to boys the world over. My attempts at building a gun involved a lot of elastic and usually ended up being [Read More…]

The Faces of Izhmash

Izhmash public relations has already begun defending the bankrupt company. A photo essay at English Russia defends the company and portrays it as a thriving company and model employer. Apparently the average monthly wage at Izhmash is $530 USD. Some specialists (which I [Read More…]

Izhmash Officially Bankrupt

I reported back in 2009 that Russian state-owned arms maker Izhmash, manufacturer of the AK-xx and Saiga rifles, was facing bankruptcy. The company is now officially bankrupt (Google translation follows) … The claim of bankruptcy “Izhmash” gave the [Read More…]

Nautilus Rotating Rail

Ballista Tactical Systems has developed a rotating rail. The forward section of the rail can rotate in 45 degree increments with the push of a button. This can allow, for example, a bipod rotated around to 3 c’clock and a fore-grip rotated into the 6 o’clock [Read More…]

Tea cup grip strikes again

It is a little embarrassing to see the infamous hollywood “Tea Cup Grip” on CNN being used by none other than Marion Hammer, former NRA president. Caleb at Gun Nuts Media has campaigned tireless to rid the world of the Tea Cup Grip. [ Many thanks to James [Read More…]