Gun Review: Taurus PT 24/7 G2 DA/SA DS

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    Taurus is a company that just keeps on expanding their product line. Not only do they release new models on a regular basis but upgrade established models to keep up with current trends. The Taurus 24/7 G2 is one such pistol.

    The G2 has been out now for almost a year and from what I’ve read and experienced has been well accepted as a full size defense pistol. The G2 comes in a hard plastic case with three interchangeable backstraps, two thirteen round magazines (40 cal), cleaning brush and two keys for the internal safety lock. A magazine loader is also included in the package.

    I know some shooters like guns with a minimalist approach to pistols such as the Glock however I prefer a manual safety. The G2 not only has a manual safety much like a 1911 in operation but in placement as well. For a 1911 guy like myself this is a welcome addition. The G2 also has a complete set of controls which are all ambidextrous. The slide release, manual safety with a dual function as a striker de-cocker, magazine release all are mirrored on the right side. This is especially beneficial for lefty shooters as well as those who should be practicing left handed.

    This two tone stainless and black G2 is the standard model which is designated by the DA/SA DS stamped on the slide. The first round fired is double action will all others single action. The DS stands for double strike which most will recognize as the ability to pull the trigger twice on the same round should the round fail to fire. This feature has little interest for me but I’m sure others will appreciate it since the second strike usually fires the round.

    The trigger is much like the Glock in appearance as well as safety function. Takedown is identical to a Glock with the two tabs on either side of the slide which are pulled down allowing you to remove the slide. The rear of the slide has an industry standard striker status pin. The top of the slide at the rear of the barrel has a triangular shaped steel piece which is a loaded chamber indicator. This way the shooter can see and feel the loaded status of the pistol.

    One other feature to note with the manual thumb safety is depressing the safety all the way down de-cocks the striker. The frame also has a rail for an aftermarket light or laser combination.

    The rear sight is especially nice since it is a very low profile sight adjustable for windage and elevation. There are two screws on the right side of the sight for windage adjustment with a center screw on top for elevation adjustment. The backstraps are changed by tapping a pin out at the rear base of the grip.

    The trigger on the G2 is smooth but does stack a bit at the end of the pull. The trigger pull is also a bit longer than I would prefer. However the trigger issue isn’t a deal breaker. It’s just not that bad. I’m just a bit picky about such things. The frame also has a rail for an aftermarket light or laser combination.

    Model: 24/7-G240SS-15
    Finish: Stainless Steel
    Status: Available

    Caliber: .40
    Grips: Checkered Polymer
    UPC: 7-25327-60858-5

    Capacity: 15 +1
    Weight: 28 oz
    Barrel Length: 4.20″

    Frame: Large
    Action: DA/SA
    Length: 7.28″

    Trigger Type: Smooth
    Order #: 1-247409G2-15
    MSRP: $539.00

    Range Time

    I fired a total of 400 rounds of assorted 40 S&W through the G2 with no malfunctions. Shooting was done from the 10 and 15 yard line. Accuracy overall was good if not outstanding. Groups at 10 yards averaged just under 3 inches with those fired at 15 yards right at 3 inches. Descent combat accuracy certainly.

    The ammunition fired was from Federal as well as Winchester ball. I fired lighter loads up to 180 grain ammunition. I also had some older Winchester hollowpoints which the G2 fed without problem. There was very little accuracy difference between brands or bullet weights which is rather unusual since most pistols have at least some slight preference for a particular brand or weight of ammunition.


    Before I express my conclusions I’d like to pass along some encouraging information regarding warranty repair times for Taurus. I recently sent in a revolver which was cutting a bit of lead from my lead handloads. The problem was taken care of and the revolver was returned in two weeks. They had no idea I was a gun writer either so if this is what we can expect on turnaround repair times this cures one of the main gripes I’ve heard people express.

    Now back to the conclusion. Overall this is a well-made pistol that has been very reliable to date. The G2 is a good natural pointer when you match your hand size with the appropriate supplied grip insert.

    From a price standpoint the MSRP is in the mid-$500 range. After some searching online gun sellers the average price is actually closer to the $460—$475 range. This gives you a new pistol for the price of a well used Glock. With that in mind I’ll take the Taurus.

    As I mentioned earlier I like the ambidextrous controls, feel of the pistol in my hand, fully adjustable sights and lifetime warranty regardless of you being the first owner or the tenth. I’ve been a bit surprised how many shooters don’t realize the warranty follows the gun not the owner.

    The G2 also comes in a compact version as well as in several calibers. You might want to peruse the Taurus product line if you’re in the market for a concealed carry pistol at a reasonable price.

    As promised here is a new photo of the rear of the slide. This gives a more realistic view.

    Phil White

    Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m retired as associate editor since December 14th 2017. My replacement is my friend Pete M email: [email protected] you can reach Pete for product reviews etc.