Manufaktur Heinrich Fortmeier M-2002 Single Shot Modular Rifle

    The The M-2002 is a modular multi-caliber long range rifle manufactured by German company Manufaktur Heinrich Fortmeier. It features a single shot action, free floating barrel, rotatable bipod, AR-15 pistol grip and a large 3-chamber muzzle brake. It is chambered in the standard .308 Win, .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG trifecta, but also some unusual long range cartridges such as the .416 TYR.

    M-2002 Single Shot Modular Rifle in .50 BMG with IOR scope.

    The .50 BMG model has a 35.4″ (900mm) barrel and weighs 25.4 lbs (without scope).

    The company has incorporated enlarged primers in their .338 Lapua Magnum brass. You can see the standard case next to the case with an enlarged primer pocket in the above photo.

    [ Many thanks to Dom for the photos and infomation. ]

    Steve Johnson

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