Colt M4 Carbine LESOCOM

    It took almost two decades, but Colt Defense is finally offering a consumer-legal M4 Carbine. The Colt LESOCOM is very close to the M4A1 that Colt manufactures for the military. The main difference is the longer 16″ barrel and the semi-automatic-only fire control. The lower receiver is marked “M4 Carbine”.

    It a KAC Rail System, Matech rear back-up iron sight and ambidextrous fire controls. The barrel twist rate is 1:7 RH and it chambered for .223 Remington (ie. 5.56×45 NATO or .223 Remington).

    I am overjoyed to see Colt finally giving the general public what they have been clamoring for years. I like the new Colt!

    Steve Johnson

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