Harmless Hunter: Hunting without Shooting ….

    Brothers Randy and Michael Gregg have put up a KickStarter project to develop a gun shaped camera to take “kill shots” of game. They are developing this so that people can experience hunting without killing animals.

    Gizmag.com reports

    Not too long ago, brothers Randy and Michael Gregg were out on a hunting expedition. It was the day after deer season had ended, yet they spied a handsome animal bedded down in the snow. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, they silently crept up on their quarry, raised their rifle, lined the deer up in the crosshairs … and then took a picture through the scope with a mobile phone. That photo provided all the proof they needed that they had successfully stalked their prey, without bringing home an illegally-obtained carcass. It also inspired them to create the Kill Shot photo/video-recording rifle.

    This is not hunting. I am not even sure if you could call this photography. Claiming you shot an deer by photographing it through heavy brush is like fishermen claiming they caught a fish because they spotted it on radar.

    It really frustrates me when people try redefine shooting sports by removing ballistics. In a few months time you will be able to enjoy safe, bullet free shooting at the XXX Olympiad where the Pentathlon competitors will use laser guns instead of .177 air pistols (real guns were dropped sometime in the 80s or early 90s).

    [ Many thanks to Matt for emailing us the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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