Skat GM-100 Glock Clone in 9mm and .22LR

    Two weeks ago I blogged about Russian firm Skat who are manufacturing a modernized SVD. The company also manufactures a Glock clone called the GM-100 Sports Pistol.

    Visually, the pistol’s frame is almost an identical copy of the 3rd-generation Glock 17 frame. The slide has slightly different serrations but other than than that, and different markings, it looks the same as the Glock slide. The GM-100 is available with a black or stainless frame and with high-contrast sights or fiber optic sights.

    Skat is also producing, or looking at producing, a Glock 26 clone chambered in .22LR. The pistol pictured below appears to be a prototype.

    In 2010 Glock has successfully sued Austrian Sporting Arms and ISSC in the United States for trade dress infringement. If Skat tries selling these pistols in any jurisdiction that recognizes trade dress infringement, they will almost certainly find themselves in court.

    UPDATE: I knew I had seen that slide before! According to Lord Cthulhu “They’re basically just putting together frankenglocks using genuine Glock frames with Lone Wolf and Advantage Arms slides”. Also thanks to Bob. It explains why there are

    [ Many thanks Vitaly Kuzmin to for the photos and the information. ]

    Steve Johnson

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