Keep your guns safe, in a safe

    An elderly man down the street from me had his firearms stolen a few days ago. He had them in a locked box and hidden away but the thieves knew exactly where to find them, which makes me think it was an inside job (it is a bit awkward to ask someone if they have any nephews on drugs, so I did not ask). He was very upset about the sentimental loss of antique guns, which he had inherited, and the guns he competed with in his younger days. He was not concerned about the monetary value since he would never have sold them. Like him, I would never even consider selling any of my guns and the loss of them would be absolutely heart-wrenching. The moral of this story is that you should invest in a safe or other security system that can’t be accessed or removed by even a junkie-relative who knows where you keep them. A quick Googling of safe prices showed a 24 gun SentrySafe safe for $800 delivered and a Stack-On 48 gun safe for $1200 delivered. You can probably find them for cheaper if you do some dedicated Googling.

    Steve Johnson

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