Chiappa T-Series 1887 Shotgun Pistol

    Recent video games such as Call of Duty renewed interest in the oversized and impractical pistol-gripped 1887 Shotgun that was originally made popular by the second Terminator movie. Chiappa is cashing in on the pistol-gripped 1887-craze with the 1887 “T-Series”. It features a rubberized pistol grip and an 18″ barrel. Because of the long barrel it is legally a shotgun not a pistol.

    The 1887 “T-Series” shotgun by Chiappa Firearms is a replication of the shotgun that has been immortalized in Sci-Fi thrillers and Video games. The “T-Series” is based on the Chiappa 1887 Lever action shotgun that is already known for speed and reliability in Cowboy Action competition, and a traditional favorite in the field, only now it is ready for a new era. The T-Series features all of the characteristics of the standard model, except with an 18.5” Barrel, matte black finish, and wood forearm and pistol grip that has a durable “Soft Touch” black rubber coating.

    [ Many thanks to Jacob & Paolo for emailing us the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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