SilencerCo’s 5.56 ‘Saker’ Suppressor

    SilencerCo came out swinging with their modular 5.56 suppressor, called the Saker. The Saker utilizes a new material for the baffle stack that is 30 percent stronger than Inconel, and a new 3-pronged flashhider called the Trifecta. The front cap can also be swapped out with a strike bezel that utilizes a short 3-pronged end cap which eliminates first round muzzle flash. Where it gets extremely interesting is that the rear mount can be quickly replaced with a mount that allows the Saker to be utilized on Advanced Armament’s 51-tooth Blackout/Breakout muzzle devices. This should be considered a huge coup for consumers, eliminating the need to replace their current muzzle device, something that’s normally required when changing suppressor brands.