MAD Hook Up Single Point Sling Attachment

    I’ve been following the development of a new single point sling attachment for AR platforms and the MAD Hook Up from Mission Adapted Design is one of the best single point sling designs I’ve ever seen.  Its designed and built in Portland, Oregon by engineers and shooters for AR carbines as a receiver-end mount point for single point slings.

    The flexible design readily accepts a wide variety of hardware from old-school Heckler & Koch Hooks to Magpul’s new MS3 Paraclips as well as allowing the user the flexibility to directly attach the webbing to the rifle.  Unlike receiver end plate mounts, the Hook Up requires zero modification of the rifle or even the removal of the stock which is perfect for agency users who are restricted from making rifle mods by policy or AR owners who live in states requiring pinned stocks.  I’ve been impressed with the manufacturing of the MAD Hook Up as it is engineered and made using the latest computer aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis tools.  This design implements a wide and even clamping footprint which prevents rotation under the most arduous conditions while never damaging the weapon’s buffer tube.

    It fits perfectly on my HK MR556A1 and any other AR platform using a standard Mil-Spec buffer tube and is serious quality.  For those users in the USA who want to buy local, its made up in Portland, Oregon out of machined billet ordinance steel and is finished in virtually indestructible and rustproof Melonite QPQ, even down to the screws.