ERGO Z Float Rail Review

    *[ This guest post was written by Timothy Yan ]*

    Falcon Industries’ ERGO Z Float Rail series has a unique 2-piece design that it can be installed without taking the barrel off. This handguard is great for those AR owners that don’t own any gunsmith tool and those that have an AR with permanently attached muzzle device.

    To install the ERGO Z Float Rail, the Delta ring assembly needs to be removed. The simple way to do so is by cutting the ring and spring off carefully with a small rotary cutter or a hacksaw. I recommend wrapping the surrounding areas with duct taps to protect them from any slip of the cutter. Of course, if you have the proper gunsmith tools to take apart the barrel assembly, the Z Rail can be install like any typical free float handguard.

    The ERGO handguard mounts on to the stock barrel nut and uses six long bolts to lock it in place. The two halves are lock together by two short tapped screws in the front and two in the back. There are cut grooves on rear of both the handguard pieces that fit on the stock barrel nut’s teeth for the proper alignment.

    The new 10” extended carbine-length Z Rail M-4 “Over Shoot” model features an open-top front section to fit the A2 front sight or a rail gas block. The standard 7” model mounts flush against the front sight base. The ERGO Z Float Rail is compatible with Adams Arms and most other AR gas piston systems.

    Steve Hine from Falcon Industries had informed me that they are releasing updated versions of the Z Rail handguard. The new versions have additional lightening cuts on the inner surfaces. The locking mechanism had also been simplified by eliminating the steel locking plates. The six side locking bolts are now using threaded inserts that are built into the two halve pieces. The total weight will be few ounces lighter on the new versions.

    **Size**: 7-inch carbine length and 10-inch Extended Carbine Length
    **Type**: Quad-rail, 2-piece design
    **Weight**: 13.2 oz and 15 oz
    **Construction**: CNC aircraft-grade aluminum
    **Inside Diameter**: 1.15”
    **Continuous Top Rail**: Yes
    **Anti-Rotational Mechanism**: locks onto the stock barrel nut
    **QD Sling Swivel Socket**: No
    **Finishing**: Smooth Black hard coat anodized finish
    **Blunted machining edges**: Yes
    **Removable for maintenance**: Yes

    Price: $170 and $190 MSRP, 3 low-profile ERGO rail covers included.

    Steve Johnson

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