Archive: January, 2012

The First Self Guided Bullet

Sandia National Laboratories have invented a small caliber self guided bullet. The bullet contains an optical sensor, CPU, battery and electromagnetic actuated fins. It is able to track laser designated targets out to 2,000 meters. The CPU tracks laser designed targets [Read More…]

WTF: Less Lethal .50 BMG

Less Lethal Africa, a South African company, had their less lethal .50 BMG rounds on display at SHOT. While these rubber bullet loaded cartridges are not powerful enough cycle a rifle or machine gun action, I do wonder what the effect of a large pointed piece of polymer [Read More…]

SIG P938 9mm Sub Compact

SIG has scaled up their .380 ACP P238 platform to create the 9mm P938. The P938 is all metal, single action and has a 6+1 capacity. I did not have the opportunity to fire the gun but what I saw I liked.

Strike Industries Glock Rail

Strike Industries has developed an innovative rail system for the Glock pistol. The rail attaches to a standard factory slide by locking into the backplate slot. Tension screws on the top of the rail prevent the rail from moving around. A side charging handle can be [Read More…]

Bushmaster BA50

Bushmaster has their Bushmaster BA50 rifle prominently displayed at SHOT Show. Bushmaster claim that the muzzle brake reduces recoil to that of a .243 Win. hunting rifle. The rifle retails for about $5519.

Kalashnikov AK-12 Unveiled

Izhmash has officially unveiled the first working prototype of the AK-12 Assault Rifle. According to Max Popenker there will be two models, a Light model (5.45x39mm, 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm) that accepts all magazines that work with existing AK rifles, as well as a new [Read More…]

Aimpoint 2 MOA Micro T1

Aimpoint is now manufacturing Micro T1 and Micro H1 sights with a tiny 2 MOA dot. At 100 yards the dot will be 2″ in diameter, and at 1000 yards it will be 20 inches in diameter (about the height of the average male torso). This product will appeal to hunters, [Read More…]

Shooting the .950 JDJ

Employees from the muzzleloading maker Knight Rifles tried shooting the enormous .950 JDJ loaded with 2,400 grain bullets! Firing that thing looks like as much fun as being hit in the shoulder with a baseball bat 🙂 The rifle uses a shell-holder style action. To load [Read More…]

Meet the FN Ballista

Two years ago Remington jumped into the modular precision rifle platform with their MSR line, this year FN hit back hard with their Ballista rifle. Easily convertible from .338 Lapua, .300win mag, and .308. Swapping out calibers can be done under 1.5-2 minutes, and is [Read More…]

Laser Devices’ new DBAL-D2

At SHOT this year Laser Devices introduced their new DBAL-D2, which updates last year’s DBAL-I2 with an infrared illuminator (something the I2 model lacked). This continues a trend towards lower-powered civilian legal IR laser systems, which are becoming [Read More…]

GSG Golden AK and MP5

No longer do you need to be a dictator of a small country or a drug lord to afford a gold plated AK or MP5. ATI will soon be importing gold plated versions of the GSG-522, GSG Kalashnikov and GSG-5PK. It is real gold plating, not a faux-gold finish. They are far to [Read More…]