Ex-Army Chief Joins Colt Defense’s Board

    Matthew Cox at Military.com reports that Former Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey is joining the governing board of Colt Defense LLC.

    “We don’t want to rush to judgment, but it does raise troubling questions,” said John Hart, communications director for Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, who played a significant role in the Army’s decision launch its improved carbine effort.

    Casey’s position on Colt’s board is an example of “a pattern of behavior we see throughout the military and government when high-ranking officials end up working for a particular interest,” Hart said.

    If Gen. George Casey canceled the carbine competition in favor of retaining the Colt M4 Carbine and then left for a high paying job at Colt, I would be very suspicious. I would also be suspicious if a high-level Colt employee left their job for a high-level procurement position at the Pentagon.

    It is not suspicious that a General takes a job at a defense contractor, anymore than when a Captain takes a job with a defense contractor. It is natural for a person to find a job in the industry where they have the most expertise.

    Gen. George W. Casey Jr. in Iraq, 2006.
    Steve Johnson

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