Breaking News: Kevin Brittingham Leaves AAC

    GearScout broke the news that Kevin Brittingham is no longer the president of the Advanced Armament Cooperation. I have independently confirmed that Kevin has left and an interim president has been appointed.

    Kevin started AAC as a hobby and “bootstrapped” the company himself without taking outside financing. In 2009 he sold the company to The Freedom Group. The Freedom Group paid $11.1 million with an additional $8 million due to be paid in 2015 if certain financial and employment conditions were met. The big question is if Kevin will be paid out all, or part of, the $8 million.

    I look forward to seeing what Kevin does in the future. He started a phenomenally innovative company. I wish him and his wife Cara, a former AAC blogger, all the best for the future.

    Kevin Brittingham. Photo © Oleg Volk.
    Steve Johnson

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