Ruger LCR-22 .22 Revolver

    Ruger has announced a .22 LR version of their Ruger LCR revolver. It is virtually identical to the low-end .38 Special LCR. If you own a LCR-38 or LCR-357, the LCR-22 is the perfect range companion.

    Michael Bane writes about the Ruger LCR-22 …

    The solution to the challenge is, as it pretty much is with all guns, to shoot them a lot. A .22 option allows you to shoot them a lot, and cheaply. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that if you’re new to CCW and think a snub revolver might be the way you want to go, I might get the .22 LCR first…no, .22 isn’t the world’s best self-defense cartridge, but it is substantially better than harsh language. Secondly, you will have a gun that you can shoot a lot and that you will keep even if you decide to go to a semiauto for CCW. If you feel comfortable with the .22, it’s an easy transition to the .38 (which I’ve been carrying for a couple of months now) or the .357 version.

    Caliber .22 LR
    Capacity 8
    Finish Black / Advanced Target Grey (Cylinder)
    Grip Hogue Tamer
    Barrel 1.875″
    Overall Length 6.50″
    Weight 14.90 oz.
    CA / MA Approved No
    Front Sight Replaceable, Pinned Ramp
    Rear Sight U-Notch Integral
    MSRP (Price) $525
    Steve Johnson

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