Winchester Razorback XT

    Wincehster has designed a new lead-free bullet specifically tailored for hog hunting. The Winchester Razorback XT will be available next year (2012) in .223 Rem. (64gr) and .308 Win. (150gr).

    The bullet is a hollow point and is designed to expand quickly and then penetrate deeply. The Skinny Mooth Hog Blog has reviewed the new round

    The Razor Back is the first round completely designed with the hog hunter in mind. The bullet is lead-free, so that it can be used in every state (CA DFG certification is in the works). The initial release will be in 150 gr .308 and 64 gr .223, and is intended to make the round available for the growing AR market, as well as traditional rifles in these calibers. More calibers will be added to the line after it is rolled out.

    The design of the bullet provides a deep, hollow point in a beveled profile to control the expansion. Full expansion is intended to occur shortly after impact, so that the bullet can penetrate the thick hide, big bones, and cartilage shields that hogs are known for. On this hunt, I didn’t see any pass-through body shots, but it was apparent that the bullets were hitting hard and delivering plenty of energy.

    For the depredation hunter shooting at night, and for the sport hunter who may shoot at first or last light, Winchester has developed a powder that delivers a reduced flash. This allows the shooter to stay on target and not experience the night blindness that sometimes comes with a bright muzzle flash.

    Steve Johnson

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