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Gun Mug

ThinkGeek is selling these nifty gun mugs … I love the ThinkGeek humor: “Gun mug safety is no joke. Keep your gun mug properly maintained and clean at all times” 🙂 [ Many thanks to Rolf for emailing me the link. ]

Laser Revolvers reports that Eighth Army law enforcement officials recently made use of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency laser pistol range. I like the steampunk/sci-fi of those laser revolvers. I can easily imagine Harrison Ford wiping one of those out to fry an alien. [ [Read More…]

Brazilian IMBEL IA2 Photo

There are not a lot of photos of Brazil’s new service on the internet, so I was pleased when a reader emailed me a photo in a photo of the IMBEL IA2. The rifle is based on the FN FAL, but uses a rotating bolt rather than a tilting bolt. It looks like they have [Read More…]

Travis Haley on Airsoft

Former Force Recon Marine and Magpul/Magpul Dynamics CEO turned consultant Travis Haley shares his thoughts on using airsoft to supplement conventional training at the range. It is well worth watching. I have used airsoft in the past for training purposes and also [Read More…]

Beretta Tx4 Storm Review

Steve Says: We welcome Nathan on board as our newest TFB staff writer. This product review was made possible by  To get up-to-date information on where to find Beretta firearms for sale, please visit Introduced at SHOT 2010, the [Read More…]

Steyr AUG in Germany

Miroslav emailed in this photo, from, showing two German policemen carrying tricked-out Steyr AUG A3 rifles. This is the first photo I have seen of police using the AUG.

En-Bloc Clip Lighter

The Swordfish Bullet Clip Lighter is a refillable butane torch-style lighter that resembles a Garand En-Bloc clip. At $8.50 on Amazon it would make a great stocking filler for any gun nut. [ Many thanks to Mik for emailing me the link. ]

Night Vision on the Cheap

Nick wanted to participate in the Pitcairn Monroeville Shooting Club’s (PMSC) 3rd Annual Dark Shoot but did not want to spent a fortune on night vision gear. His solution was the Jakks Pacific Eyeclops Night Vision Scope that costs about $50. Nick paired the scope [Read More…]

Izhmash AK-103 Rifle Spotted in Lybia

Russia won a weapons contact with Libya last year which among other things included supplying AK-103 rifles to the Gadaffi regime. Judging my photos unearthed on the internet, some of those weapons may have made it to the country before the revolution.

Kimber LE Centennial 1911

Kimber is making just 250 Centennial 1911 pistols that commemorate the 100th anniversary of the John Moses Browning’s invention. The pistol features casehardened frame and slide, ivory grips and a custom presentation box.

Photos of the new Remington ACR

I first wrote about the magnesium Remington ACR way back in March 2010, but only last month did I see a photo of it. Thomas emailed in photos he took of it at Milipol. It is, in my opinion, a beautiful gun. [ Many thanks to Thomas for emailing in the photos. Photos © [Read More…]