SIG Pistol Deemed Unsafe. Dutch Police Pistol Drama Continues.

    The Firearm Blog’s correspondent from the Netherlands, Flying Dutchman, reports …

    The Dutch police has to search again for a new police pistol. The deal with Sig Sauer for the P250 DC based PPNL (Police Pistol Netherlands) has been canceled after a series of negative tests. The minister of Security and Justice decided to call the order off, because of the risk of the security for the cop in the street. The replacement of the old Walther P5 pistol will be delayed by at least 6 months.

    The gun manufacturer Sig Sauer won the tender at the beginning of 2011 for the new Dutch police pistol. After signing the contract the P250 DC had to be adapted to the specific Dutch requirements and had to be tested again. After three negative tests the deal was called off. Unfortunately Sig Sauer could not deliver the required quality, wrote the minister to the Parliament.

    Police officers have to keep their current Walther P5. Some members of Parliament want to know why this decision was made so late and what the cost is of this failure.

    Right now the selection committee is looking at the other contenders of last year. The police have a preference for Heckler & Koch.


    [ Many thanks to Flying Dutchman for the info. ]

    Steve Johnson

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