[Guest Post] Range Test of the CVA Accura V2

    [ Many thanks to Dr. Jim and Mary Clary for this guest post. ]

    A lot of ink has been spilled over the past few years by writers praising or slamming the CVA muzzleloaders. The majority of the negative comments refer to the Apollo rifle manufactured in 1995 and 1996. Those rifles were subject to a voluntary recall by CVA (which is still going on). The new generation of CVA muzzleloaders bears little resemblance to those of the past. All CVA barrels used today are drilled from bar stock and button rifled in the Bergara factory in Spain. The Apex and Accura V2 are equipped with the Bergara branded barrel which is manufactured out of 416 stainless steel. All Bergara barrels have been through a special honing process that simulates hand lapping, except that it is more precise. This process removes any deviation in bore diameter; i.e., no tight or loose spots. The front half of the Accura barrel is fluted to reduce weight and aid in cooling and is very well finished, including the crown. The Rockwell hardness is Rc 17 for the stainless Bergara and Rc 25 for the blued Bergara. The term “soft Spanish steel” does not apply to Bergara barrels or these guns. (more…)

    Steve Johnson

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