75th Rangers go Paintballing

    Army.mil reports

    Most of the 15 Rangers who participated in the paintball games Wednesday had just returned with him from a deployment only a few weeks ago, Shin said.

    “Sometimes the transition is tough,” he said. “For a lot of these guys, I think it’s a sense of purpose that changes, too. Overseas there is a sense of accomplishment. There’s a sense of belonging. But when you come back, a lot of that kind of dissipates.”

    That’s where the Warrior Adventure Quest comes in, said Jackie Teixeira, recreation assistant for Outdoor Recreation.

    “This program, funded by the Army, helps Soldiers cope with coming back from a high-adrenaline atmosphere of war to regular life, zero adrenaline and lots of stress,” she said. “Often, Soldiers try to subconsciously recreate that feeling by buying motorcycles or fast cars and driving them way too recklessly — or worse, while inebriated.”

    [ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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