Blondes prefer Glock

    Gaston Glock, 82, founder and owner of Glock g.m.b.H., has married Kathrin Tschikof, 31, after a seven year relationship. Kathrin is the CEO of the Glock Horse Performance Center, an equestrian organization owned by Gaston Glock.

    Gaston Glock & Kathrin Glock

    Mr Glock is has also been in the news recently because he has reorganized his assets because of changes to the tax legislation in Austria. He is splitting his considerable assets into two private foundations (a type of trust). A capital transfer tax of 5% (or 8.5% for real estate) must be paid on assets transferred into these private foundations, so this restructure will be costing Glock a considerable amount.

    I wish Mr & Mrs Glock a happy marriage.

    Along with guns and shovels, Glock also makes horses.

    [ Many thanks to Axel for emailing me the info. ]

    Steve Johnson

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