Pumpkin Balls

    I can’t ever recall hearing the term “pumpkin balls” before to describe a type of shotgun load, despite being a big fan of the TV drama The Wire. James discusses the concept over at Hell In A Handbasket …

    The inspiration is supplied by the character of Omar Little, a vastly feared stick-up artist who makes a living robbing drug gangs of their money and product. Although adapt when handling any firearm, Mr. Little favors a shotgun loaded with “pumpkin balls”.

    When discussing shotguns, pumpkin balls are nothing but lead balls that will barely fit into the barrel. Load as many as will fit into a shotgun shell, and you have a pumpkin load.

    The concept is popular with .410 ammunition manufacturers. 000 “triple-ought” sized balls are small enough to fit snugly inside a shot-cup inside a .410 barrel. Winchester packs three 000-sized discs, backed by smaller shot, inside their Supreme Elite PDX1 .410 round. It seems to work well.

    Steve Johnson

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