Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition

    A few months ago Barnes Bullets, which is part of the Remington empire, expanded their Barnes VOR-TX line of precision loaded ammunition and added safari-class rifle, metric rifle and handgun cartridges as well as adding a couple more calibers to their rifle hunting line-up.

    The new cartridges are …

    • New Additions to the Rifle line (both with TTSX Boattail bullet) : 7MM-08mm (120-grain) & 270 WSM (140-grain)
    • Handgun (loaded with XPB bullet): 375 Magnum (140-grain), 44 Magnum (225-grain) & 45 Colt (200-grain)
    • Safari (loaded with TSX or Solids): 375 H&H (300-grain), 416 Remington Magnum (400-grain), 416 Rigby (400-grain), 458 Winchester Magnum (450-grain), 458 Lott (500-grain), 470 Nitro (500-grain) & 500 Nitro (570-grain).
    Steve Johnson

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