Archive: September, 2011

Barrett Trade Show Video

Rampart Pictures has just published a new promotional video they produced for Barrett Firearms. If you like .50 caliber action, check out the video. I especially enjoyed watching the .50 being used at a aerial-operations training facility.

Chicks with Guns

Much has been written about the relationship men have with guns. Photographer Lindsay McCrum’s new book Chicks with Guns1 instead explores the relationship between woman and guns. The photography looks amazing. I will definitely be buying a copy. MSBN reports [Read More…]

75th Rangers go Paintballing reports … Most of the 15 Rangers who participated in the paintball games Wednesday had just returned with him from a deployment only a few weeks ago, Shin said. “Sometimes the transition is tough,” he said. “For a lot of these guys, I [Read More…]

PCP Polymer Cased Rifle Ammunition

Last week I blogged about the Extreme Polymer Research’s polymer handgun cartridges. A US company called PCP Ammunition is trying to make mostly polymer rifle cartridges. Unlike Extreme Polymer Research’s handgun cartridges, these have a steel or brass base. The [Read More…]