Rogers / Colt Super-Stoc AR-15 Stock Review

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    Bill Rogers is an internationally known competitor as well as former FBI agent and Police instructor. Mr. Rogers has also invented many of the holsters and other equipment used by police and military around the world. If you’ve ever used a Wilson 47D magazine you’ve used one of his inventions. Bill also produces and markets training videos aimed at efficient use of handguns.

    After 40 years in the shooting sports he’s still training and inventing at his north Georgia facility. I want to introduce you to a very fine stock Bill invented for the AR15 called the “Super-Stoc”.

    The illustration above details many of the features of the “Super Stoc”

    I’ve owned or tested many of the stocks made for AR15’s. Many are well made but there are a few that are a waste of money. This stock is one of the very best at a reasonable price. These stocks retail for $79.95. Of course complete installation instructions are included that are very simple to follow. It took me about 10 minutes to install.

    One positive is this stock fits mil spec as well as commercial tubes with only minor changes made during installation to accommodate either. This stock is about as adaptable as they come. I spent a good while trying all the ways available to adjust it. When you receive it the stock is configured for a mil-spec tube. In order to use the stock with a commercial tube all the user has to do is remove the shim in the front of the stock then remove the selector pin. The selector pin is rotated per the instructions to the proper side re-insert and your done.

    There is also an option for adjusting the stock for an even tighter fit. With the stock setup in the mil-spec configuration the selector pin can be set for the commercial side making the stock tighter fitting when the cam lock lever is in the lock position. The correct fit is really dependent on how in spec your tube dimensions are. A cautionary note: don’t over tighten the cam lever!

    To operate after installation grip the quick release lever which also releases the cam lock lever. Slide the stock to the desired position and pull the cam lock lever up. Left handers will appreciate this stock as well or more so. The cam lock lever can be installed on the left or right side of the AR. The stock operation is quick with very positive lockup.

    The “Super-Stoc” has a nice fitting rubber butt plate that hugs the shoulder well. Many stocks use a butt plate that is all plastic with a flat back that isn’t very conducive to a snug shoulder set. The width of the buttpad is also wider than most, I find it very comfortable even after hours of shooting.

    I like this stock better than any others I’ve used. So many stocks have a bit of play in them. This stock doesn’t which is a real plus. This is especially true when you have an AR meant for long range shooting. A loose stock can play havoc with accuracy. I also hate a stock that rattles!

    This example is actually snug with no play even with the cam lever lock off. One test that has been performed with this stock is dropping the rifle from approximately 36 inches in order to check for strength and any material failures that may occur. I actually repeated this test after removing my optics of course☺ In my test I dropped the rifle from 42 inches from the ground. There was no apparent damage to the stock and it remained in the same position on the tube. I disassembled the stock and found no damage and the stock operated, as it should. While I don’t advise anyone doing this with his or her AR I wanted to know for my own information and to verify the manufacturers test results.

    Operation of the stock is very simple as you can see in this video. After using this stock for over two months now I simply use two fingers to operate the Quick Release Lever, move the stock to the desired position then pull the Cam Lock Lever up with my index finger. Operating it in this manner it’s really one repeatable motion. The stock just doesn’t budge once it’s set. This is something I’ve never experienced in other stocks. It seems with others there is always some movement.

    The top of the stock that fits around the buffer sleeve is wider than the usual mil-spec stock providing a better cheek weld. Some brands have a very wide top. I know some shooters who prefer this setup however for me it’s too wide and I have to make some contortions to get a good view into whichever optic I’m using.


    Mr. Rogers is obviously a very thoughtful engineer. This stock design is very well thought out. As I said earlier some stocks are very minimalists and not well made while others have so many bells and whistles they almost get in the way. This stock has the features a shooter needs without going overboard with unneeded features and a very high price tag.

    I would certainly recommend this stock for the AR owner whether they use their rifle for plinking or competition.

    You can contact Rogers Shooting School and purchase the stock here.

    Happy Shooting!

    UPDATE: Rogers has informed up that Colt Firearms will be adopting the Rogers Super-Stoc stocks for all their LE and commercial rifles. the Colt Super-Stoc differs in materials, design and fit. The material used on the Colt Super-Stoc is proprietary to Colt and is strong enough to survive inadvertent drops in extreme temperatures. Also, the internal dimensions of the Colt Super-Stoc is designed to securely fit Colt mil-spec buffer tubes, whereas the Rogers Super-Stoc can fit others rifles.

    Phil White

    Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m retired as associate editor since December 14th 2017. My replacement is my friend Pete M email: [email protected] you can reach Pete for product reviews etc.