Taiwan XT100 6.8 SPC Assault Rifle

    JL visited Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE) and spotted the new XT100 AR-15-style Assault Rifle chambered in 6.8mm SPC. The rifle has been developed by the Taiwanese Military Combined Logistics Command, Arsenal 205. It utilizes a short-stroke piston, has a 16″ barrel and a forward quad rail. The ‘XT’ stands for Experimental Type.

    6.8 SPC is slowly gaining acceptance outside of the United States, where sadly it has not been adopted by the special or conventional forces.

    UPDATE: According to DW in the comments below, the rifle is chambered in a new 6.8mm cartridge, a 5.56x45mm necked up to 6.8mm. Interesting.

    [ Many thanks to JL for emailing me the photos. ]

    Steve Johnson

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