Taurus Judge and Winchester PDX1 .410 Shotshell Gel Test

    A TFB reader tested the penetration of the Winchester PDX1 .410 shotshell round in 10% ballistic gelatin. The PDX1, which consists of three 000 Buckshot sized discs backed by twelve BB-sized pellets, performs better than I expected.

    1 PDX round fired from a Taurus Judge, 3″ chamber/ 3″ barrel at a distance of 5 ft into a 6″X6″X15.5″ gelatin block.

    The 3 discs appeared to flatten, turn into “shrapnel” and continue to penetrate to a max depth of 13.75″. Only a few minute fragments of the discs were recovered.

    Two of the of the pellets appear to have exited the block, the rest penetrating 8″ to 14″.

    The last photo is the pattern of the same round fired of the same Judge at 5 yds. Note the 3 near the “A”. 8 of the 12 pellets are inside the “A” zone, 4 in the “C”

    [ Many thanks to rbbub for the photos. ]

    Steve Johnson

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