Magnum Research IWI “Classic” Desert Eagle

    Since 2009 all Desert Eagles have been produced in Magnum Research’s Pillager, Minn. facility. Magnum Research / Kahr will be selling a limited edition of the Desert Eagle featuring original (“classic”) parts made by IWI in Israel. These pistols will have the original two-piece barrel and claw-type safety.

    From the press release …

    Both models are gas-operated, rotating bolt semiautomatic pistols constructed from a high quality carbon steel barrel, frame and slide. Both have a 6” barrel length and 10.75” overall length with 6.25” height and 1.25” slide width. These pistols have a trigger reach of 2.75” and approximately a 4lb. trigger pull with fixed combat type sights and an 8.5” sight radius. The .50 AE model, the DE50W, has a .495” bore diameter, polygonal rifling with 1:19 right hand twist and 7 round magazine capacity. The .44 Magnum model, the DE44W, has a .492” bore diameter, polygonal rifling with 1:18 right hand twist and 8 round magazine capacity. Barrels between the .44 Magnum and .50AE are interchangeable.

    Mark XIX Desert Eagle Pistols and parts produced in the USA and Israel are completely interchangeable on either gun.

    My guess: someone at IWI found a crate of spare parts and shipped them to Kahr 🙂

    Steve Johnson

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