The difference between a Gun, a Stripper & a G-String. Spearmint Rhino Sues Chiappa [SFW]

    The Spearmint Rhino, the international a chain of strip clubs, is suing Chiappa Firearms over the logo used on their Chiappa Firearms Rhino revolvers. They claim that consumers could confuse the revolver with one of their strip clubs or branded g-strings, brassieres and corsets.

    Milord & Associates, a law firm which specialize in patent, trademark & copyright law, report that the lawsuit is going to be difficult to win

    Although the registrations cover goods and services in the adult entertainment industry, e.g. cabarets and “panties, g-strings, brassieres and corsets for semi-nude and erotic dancers,” Rhino sued Chiappa Firearms for allegedly using a confusingly similar Rhino design on its handguns: “Chiappa’s use of the Rhino Outline marks is likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive because, among other reasons, consumers are likely to believe that there is an affiliation, connection, or association between” Rhino and Chiappa. Seriously? Maybe I’m a bit daft, but will consumers really confuse panties and guns?

    Whatever Rhino’s belief, counsel should’ve advised that this is a very difficult case to prove. If Rhino owned a copyright on the work, there would be more of a case. But where the goods or services are so unrelated, confusion among consumers is highly unlikely.

    Steve Johnson

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