An interesting use for wool

    New Zealand is well known for its sheep. Apparently Kiwis even use sheep products in their ammunition!

    Beaver Grease manufactures wool wads for use in reduced loads, such as subsonic loaded .308 Win, to prevent the detonation phenomenon, otherwise known as the Secondary Explosion Effect where a chain reaction causes power to detonate, rather than burn slowly …

    If you shoot reduced loads you will know they rattle around the cartridge case. This is especially noticeable in large cartridge cases. The danger of small charges in large cases has been recognised for many years and the mystery “detonation effect” responsible for blowing many pistols and rifle apart has been linked to this. By using ‘TCBK’ Wool Wads on top of a reduced load of powder the charge remains packed against the flash hole guaranteeing that the powder will not lie on the bottom of the case once chambered allowing the primer flash to burst over top of it causing inconsistent pressures or WORSE. ‘TCBK’ Wool Wads burn cleanly within the barrel of the firearm and leave no harmful residue in barrels or suppressor units.

    Steve Johnson

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