Savage Bolt Action chambered in FN 5.7x28mm

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The Savage Model 25 Walking Varminter is available in 5.7x28mm FN.

The 5.7x28mm FN is a strange addition to the Model 25 Walking Varminter line, which includes .204 Ruger, .22 Hornet, .222 Rem. and .223 Rem., all of which are substantially more powerful. It is much closer in performance to the rimfire .22 Magnum, but with a lot less choice of factory loads.

My guess is that this rifle is being produced for handloaders who want a reloadable alternative to the .22 Magnum. In this niche it could be quite successful.

Caliber5.7 x 28mm FN
Overall Length41.75″
Weight6.9 lbs
MSRP (Price)$551

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • JW JW on Jul 01, 2012

    I would very much like a 5.7 in a nice little single shot or prefer a nice bolt repeater. I am drawn to the odd, strange, and curious. I now shoot a hornet, jet, .17, fireball so you see my affliction to the smaller calibers. It just looks neat! I really do care for savage arms and the light weight stalker at 7 pounds is too heavy for me for this caliber. Something in a 5-6 pounds then add a scope, don't think the recoil will kill me. Maybe a Cooper or Kimber?

  • William conner William conner on Sep 30, 2012

    i love the 5.7 round i have a tc pro hunter in a 5.7 with a 28 inch berel and it does wonders on ground hogs and dogs sub 10 groups at 100 yarsd and have taken ground hogs and dogs out to 300 yards and it barly has any recoil kinda line a 22 mag but alot louder