Former Anvil Arms Operator Arrested on Felony Charges

    Anvil Arms LLC, based in Lakeland, Florida, was a AR-15 manufacturer that abruptly ceased operations during the height of the AR-15 boom when the Managing Member, Jonathan A. Kruger, was terminated and the company ceased operations. Legal action was taken against Kruger by the new acting manager, Milton Disser, who alleged Kruger had removed all of the equipment, inventory and records from the Anvil Arms premises. Less than three months later the company was liquidated.

    Kruger had been well liked by the shooting community but many were angry when the company went under because they had paid for, or sent parts for engraving, but never received their money or parts back.

    Jonathan Kruger

    On 3 May 2011 Kruger was arrested in Polk County, FL on two felony charges, one for attempted delivery of methadone and the other for grand theft, and one misdemeanor charge of petit theft.

    According to members of ARFCOM, Jonathan Kruger was a Registered Nurse in Polk Country. A search at the Florida Department of Heath shows that a Jon Kruger, with an address in Polk County, was licensed as an RN until 30 April. I spoke to a former police officer who said the charges filed against Kruger match to the modus operandi of drug diversion by someone in health care, such as an RN at a hospital.

    Kruger arrest sheds light on the Anvil Arms saga. Drugs addiction would explain why the company accrued a lot of debt and suddenly went under at a time when the industry was at its strongest.

    Steve Johnson

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