Leader 50: .50 BMG semi-auto bullpup rifle

    The Leader 50 is an interesting weapon designed by veteran gun designer Charles St. George.

    Photo (C) Oleg Volk
    Photo (C) Oleg Volk

    It is in the same class as the Gepard GM6 Lynx .50 Caliber Rifle, hard hitting, fast rate of fire and light enough to be used off hand as a primary weapon. Unlike the GM6 Lynx (and Barret M82) the Leader 50 is gas operated rather than recoil operated. Having a fixed barrel should, in theory, help accuracy at the expensive of recoil. Oleg Volk says that the recoil is similar to a .30-06 M1 Garand.

    It was to be manufactured by the now defunct Sabre Defence, but is now slated to be manufactured by Micor Industries.

    Shooting Illustrated shot this video of the Leader 50 at SHOT ….

    More information is available at Defense Review and Oleg Volk’s blog.

    Steve Johnson

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