Improved Guns handgun safety shear pin

    Improved Guns Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed to promote US Patent 7,036,258. The patent is for a safety shear pin designed to prevent accidental shootings. The device adds a lot of weight, 11.5 – 15.5 lbs, to the first trigger pull. This, in theory, makes it hard or impossible for small children to use the trigger and prevents accidental discharges in situations where a finger is on the trigger or the trigger is snagged on clothing.

    Improved Guns Inc. will fit the device to your firearm at no cost to you, although a donation is appreciated. They are hoping to license the patent to firearm companies to use instead of flawed safety (read: liability) mechnisms like the much-hated internal trigger lock.

    The shear pin installed on a Glock
    Shear pin design (from patent)
    Installed on 1911-style trigger

    From the press release

    Improved Guns Inc., a not for profit company, is founded to promote the US Pat 7,036,258, which is aimed at eliminating accidental shooting. The passive device is a pin that must be broken before the gun can be shot. Any firearm can be adapted by drilling a small hole in which to insert the appropriate pin. These pins are made with incremental breaking thresholds having a range of 11.5-15.5 lbs. Improved Guns, Inc. can easily retrofit all guns at our cost, although donations are appreciated. Hopefully, new guns will soon include this device.

    The inventor, Lanny Lee says, “The only thing that makes this invention seem like a safety is that curious little children can’t shoot themselves or their buddies when they find the gun.” Mr. Lee added, “What the world needs least is another gun lock; what it needs are safer guns, and this device has surpassed all expectations in field trials.”

    “Despite owner’s demands, and overwhelming studies, Detroit refused to provide seat belts until the late 60’s, except as an expensive option. This continued to 1978 when the gov’t required them to be installed. One has only to look at the old 50’s cars to see how the industry spent vast amounts on useless things like padded dashboards. Only liability suits changed their attitude. Gun maker’s reception to this life saving device has ranged from contempt to cold indifference, while their attitude seems to convey they can stand in the rain and won’t get wet.”

    As a consumer, I would much rather gun companies adopted a concept like the shear pin, that can be removed by simply pulling the trigger, rather than trigger locks or overly heavy triggers that need a gunsmith to adjust to a reasonable level. Improved Guns should be commended for offering this to consumers for free if they feel the need to extra safety.

    Steve Johnson

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