China’s QBS 09 Semi-automatic Shotgun

    Yesterday day I reported that said that the shotgun was out of favor with the Chinese military. This is not entirely correct. It is true that the the pump-action Type 97-1 is no longer in fashion, but instead of discarding the shotgun the Chinese have instead gone with the QBS 09 (Type 09) semi-automatic shotgun.

    There is little information available, in english, on the QBS 09. We know from the name is was officially adopted in 2009. It is chambered in 18.4mm (12 gauge) and features a collapsable stock, click adjustable rear ghost sight, hooded front sight and a picatinny rail for optics. Other than the stock, which looks horribly uncomfortable for a 12 gauge gun, it looks to be a decent semi-auto.

    China’s adoption of an autoloader mirrors moves in the West where pump actions are being replaced by semi-automatics.

    [ Many thanks to ragnarok220 for info. ]

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    Steve Johnson

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