Rossi Circuit Judge LEVER Action ..410 / 45!!!

    When Rossi / Taurus come up with an idea, they run with it. Their latest concept is a lever action version of the Rossi Circuit Judge revolver carbine.

    The original Circuit Judges have a double action revolver action. This model uses a lever to rotate the cylinder and cock the bobbed hammer. The trigger is a single action system that should be a lot lighter than the double action of the original.

    Overseas readers told me that the original Rossi Circuit Judge would be classified by local gun laws as a semi-automatic, and therefor illegal for them to own/import. Adding a lever onto the gun should make it legal wherever lever actions are legal.

    The gun is chambered in 3″ .410 shotshell and is capable of firing .45 Long Colt (included is a rifled choke tube). The barrel is 18.5″ long with an overall length of 35.6″ and weighs 5.3 lbs. MSRP is $680.

    Steve Johnson

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