HS Precision rifle KABOOM

    Last month I posted photos of a Mosin Nagant rifle that broke just in front of the chamber. I had never seen that happen before. Surprisingly, it has happened again to a high-end HS Precision rifle.

    The rifle was being used in a shooting competition in Russia when it happened. Archil Kutsia was firing Lapua factory ammunition when the action snapped just behind the barrel.

    When the Archil posted photos on SnipersHide.com, many people refused to believe him and said that he must have been using reloads, significantly over torquing the barrel until the action sheared off or did something else.

    The owner replied that reloading was illegal in Russia, it happened at a competition shooting event and he had plenty more photos of the damage which he posted on the forum. This convinced many SnipersHide forum participants that he was telling the truth and that their must have been a flaw in the metal.

    Steve Johnson

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