The Ruger 1911 Photo Leaked!!!

    The Ruger SR1911 has been officially announced!

    A photo of Ruger’s upcoming 1911 has been leaked! Eagle-eyed reader Gros Ventre George spotted it on page 119 of Guns & Ammo’s special edition magazine Combat Arms. It appears in an advertisement for Shooting Times magazine. The advertisement shows the cover of the upcoming June issue of Shooting Times with a photo of the Ruger 1911 and the title “Ruger’s 1911 1,500 Rounds Fired”.

    The frame and slide are (obviously) stainless. The slide has a Ruger logo. It has black polymer grips with a ruger logo, beaver tail grip with ‘memory bump’, skeletonized hammer and trigger, fiber optic sights. What other features have I missed?

    It looks comparable to the Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced which has an MSRP of $940. I expect the Ruger 1911 to retail for about the same.

    Ruger is not going to be happy about this leak. The company routinely embargoes press releases to prevent leaks. Now a photo of the 1911 is probably in just about every Barnes & Noble store throughout the country!

    Word on the street is that the pistol will be officially announced next week.

    [ Many thanks to Gros Ventre George for scanning the ad and emailing it to me. ]

    Steve Johnson

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