HS Produkt VHS assault rifle

    HS Produkt, the Croatian firm most famous for creating and manufacturing the Springfield XD pistols, are expected to deliver an additional 3,000 VHS rifles to the Croatian Ministry of Defense this year. Pavao look photos of the latest rifles in the VHS line which were on display at the ASDA fair in Split, Croatia.

    The VHS-K compact model

    The rifle comes in two main configurations. THe VHS-K is the compact model and has a 16.1″ barrel. The VHS-D is the standard rifle model and has a 19.7″ barrel.

    The VHS-D with integrated carry handle red dot sight (not unlike the G36).
    VHS-K with Aimpoint & Magnifier

    The company is also working on a nifty wireless video link system. The below photo shows the prototype. It allows a central operator to monitor and record video from every combatant. The final product will be more compact and sit the camera alongside the Trijicon scope.

    Wireless video link system
    Pavao with the VHS-K

    Now I know many of you are going to like the next photo: the VHS-D with grenade launcher AND bayonet 🙂

    VHS-D with grenade launcher & bayonet
    VHS-K (middle). VHS-D with red dot (front).
    Does it float?

    The new HS Produkt grenade launcher also can be used in a standalone configuration.

    The grenade launcher in standalone configuration

    [ Many thanks to Pavao for the excellent photos. ]

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