“Do not try to catch a dropped gun” & “Slow isn’t Fast”

    Gun bloggers Say Uncle and Caleb Giddings have both published guest articles at Shooting Illustrated. Both articles are worth reading.

    SayUncle shares his wisdom and explains why trying to catch a falling gun is a bad idea

    Whether it’s guns falling from the pants of star athletes, hunters trying to catch a falling rifle, servicemen grasping the trigger of a falling gun during cleaning or someone shooting himself in a rather sensitive area because he tried to stop the descent of an unholstered pistol, these incidents, while rare, do happen.

    Caleb, a competition shooter, attacks the old adage “slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” …

    One of the oldest sayings in the shooting sports is “slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” In theory, this means trying to maximize the efficiency of motion will produce better returns over time than simply trying to yank the gun out of the holster as fast as you can. Unfortunately, people take this to mean they should never practice going fast.

    Steve Johnson

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