South Korean K-11 has plagued by problems, government disagrees

    Back in 2009 I reported that South Korea’s K11 OICW-style weapon was to be the first of its class to be deployed. Since then I had heard nothing about it and seen no evidence that the deployment went though until two articles that appeared last week on Korean news websites.

    Daewoo K11 has reported a range of problems with the new weapon. Apparently 39 K-11 are fielded in total. Of that 20 are in Afghanistan. 7 of 20 in Afghanistan are faulty. The laser range finder has a bug and refuses to reset, one unit has a problem with the barrel and with correctly programming the airburst grenade, another has a condensation problem with the receiving lens and so range measurement does not work at night and another unit fires bursts of 5.56mm instead of single shots when in semi-auto. It sounds like some very poor quality control!

    Another news website,, reported that production has been delayed due to manufacturing problems.

    DAPA, the Korean defense acquisition agency, responded by saying there are no production problems and the only problem with the gun that has not yet been solved it is one related to the fire control system.

    [ Many thanks to the uribury871 who for info, links and translation. ]

    Steve Johnson

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