Paintball Marksmanship Competition

    Former competitive shooter and gun dealer Deryk Walker moved to Taiwan and had to leave his guns back home. He found a substitute called Paintball Marksmanship Competition, a practical rifle-style competition using paintball markers instead of rifles.

    I was an international competitive shooter and Firearms Dealer in the UK, then I moved to California in 1990. 4 years ago I moved to Taiwan and had to leave my guns behind so I had to find a substitute. I found the only steel plate paintball range in Taiwan, (I have never been keen on the person vs person type of paintball shooting). The International Paintball Marksmanship Competition promotes speed and accuracy and is actually a lot of fun, however the rifles and pistols are quite expensive and you can add more dollars for customization. Apart from the price of the guns, it does offer a low cost alternative to center fire shooting as it requires the same disciplines and can be done in any safe area.

    It looks fun, especially if you like in a part of the world where you cannot own firearms.

    Steve Johnson

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