Ruger LC9

    Announced just before the 2011 SHOT Show, the Ruger LC9 made an appearance at the Media Day at the Range.  The gun apparently was very popular with the media as I shot the last two magazines of ammunition Ruger had at their station.

    Ruger LC 9

    The LC9 is a subcompact 9mm pistol, modeled after the LCP, Ruger’s .380 ACP pistol.  Slightly larger than the LCP, the LC9 added a number of welcome features such as usable sights, a manual safety and one additional round in the magazine (7+1 vs 6+1).  The sights are even dovetailed, meaning you can add some other sights if you so desired.

    I found the LC9 was very comfortable to shoot.  I any handgun that light and small, recoil from even the normally mild 9mm can be rough.  I did not find the recoil to be any worse than a snub nose .38 Special, and slightly easier to shoot than a pocket revolver due to the fit to my hand.

    Perhaps 14 rounds is not much of a review, but I saw nothing that raised any flags of concern.  Based on my short interaction with the pistol, it seemed reasonably accurate at about seven yards, and it had no malfunctions.

    I look forward to getting a production LC9 and running it through its paces.

    Richard Johnson

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