Izhmash KR-22: Nagant Revolver Carbine in .22 LR

    My Russian (Google Translate) is not good, but it appears that Izhmash is manufacturing a carbine version of the Nagant M1895 revolver chambered in .22 LR named the KR-22 (Which according to readers is the translation of ‘KP-22′).

    This gun was mentioned in a press release from Izhmash last month (emphasis added)…

    Among the new hunting weapon of the delegation were shown small-caliber rifle revolver type “Hawk” and “Falcon” and carbine “Saiga-22″, which can be used for entertainment and for training of fire.

    Photos by IVN

    The combination of the classic Nagant M1895, the .22 LR cartridge and the retro-but-coming-back-into-fashion carbine revolver concept make for a very nifty combination.

    [Hat Tip: Max Popenker]

    Steve Johnson

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